Personal GPS Trackers information that saves lives

The web is full of information on personal GPS trackers.  Most of these sites give you a sales pitch and don’t really tell you how they can help you personally.

A personal GPS tracker is so useful, and they do save lives – there is no doubt about that.  But there are many benefits to owning a GPS tracker.

Different kinds of GPS Trackers

There are different brands, makes and models that not only track but some can pair with your Smartphone so you can do two way texting over satellite.  In some devices, you can even share your location on social media!  But the main function for all of these personal GPS tracker devices is the tracking.

What does this mean to you?  It means people will know where you are even if you are in the remotest of places.  They can track you on a map.  They can follow your progress.  They know where you are.  And that gives them (and you) peace of mind.  You can also come back and review your trip on a map later … so it can serve as a “tracking diary” for you. 

There are also GPS vehicle tracking and GPS Cell Phone Tracking devices and GPS navigation devices.  The only problem with GSM tracking devices is that if the person (or protected asset) is out of mobile service, or taken out of the country they are no longer useful.  Satellite GPS Trackers are not affected by the loss of mobile coverage.  They continue to work anywhere in the world.

GPS Trackers for cars

GPS Trackers for cars and boats and other assets are now affordable and easy to use.  You can learn more about these at

Not just a safety item, also a sign of responsibility

When a person goes missing or a valuable item is stolen the emergency responders waste resources and time attempting to locate the victim or the stolen item.  A GPS tracking device provides an instantaneous exact GPS location–there is no more time waste and no more delays in rescues.  If you are venturing in remote areas, or if you have valuable assets, it is your responsibility to make sure the location of your asset or your whereabouts are easily obtained and relayed.  Cost is no longer an issue especially considering what is at stake.

GPS Tracking Device for people can also be fun

The feature of being able to share your adventure with loved ones while they stay at home is also wonderful.  Some personal GPS tracking units share your location and your loved ones can view your progress on an app that maps exactly where you are in near-real-time.

Personal GPS trackers are the cheapest satellite option available, with affordable plans and options.  The basic plans give you basic periodic tracking and alerts.  The higher the plan, the more frequent you can set the tracking pings (or breadcrumbs) – a bit like having a higher phone plan so you can make more phone calls (but in this case the calls are simple text-style messages with your coordinates to pre-set recipients).

GPS Trackers in Australia are affordable and easy to use.

They are much cheaper than Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (or EPIRB units) and offer a bit more flexibility.  EPIRBS can only send an emergency distress signal and must be used only for a life-threatening situation. 

Personal GPS Trackers can also send distress signals but can send other types of pre-set messages for less serious problems, such as a car breakdown, or any other non-life–threatening problem. 

You can send either “I am OK” message or an “I need help but I am not in life-threatening danger … here are my coordinates” pre-set message, or the “I am in deep trouble please send the cavalry to this spot on the globe” message.  So, for you, this means that you can get help without the threat of a very large search and rescue bill on your hands if the issue was not life-threatening. 

One thing is for sure, personal GPS trackers save lives, and make the world a much smaller and safer place!

Buy your GPS Tracker from us

Before buying your GPS Tracker use the Big Red Button to ask us for a quotation.  Also, let us know where you are intending to use the GPS Tracker primarily.  Not all satellite services offer the same coverage and if you purchase the wrong system you will be wasting your money.  So contact us today. We will do our best to help you find the most effective and the cheapest GPS Trackers as well as offering you the best subscription plans.

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